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2012 Senior Bowl: George Iloka And Shea McClellin Two Boise State Products Making Impressions

For two former Boise State Broncos players, safety George Iloka and defensive end Shea McClellin, the 2012 Senior Bowl represents an opportunity to make a big impression on NFL scouts and talent evaluators. Wes Bunting of the National Football Post has been watching closely and taking copious notes throughout the entire process, and came away with some interesting impressions on both players from North Team practice. Here is what Bunting had to say:

On safety George Iloka

...a tall, long athlete with an athletic build and certainly looks the part in the deep half. He did a nice job Monday anticipating routes in cover one, showcasing a slight burst and covering some ground in the deep half. He still gets a bit leggy at times in his drop and when trying to re-direct. But, possesses some natural athleticism and was consistently putting himself in position to make plays.

On defensive end Shea McClellin

...had some inconsistencies during 1on1 drills today. As was evidence on tape, he's much more natural getting after the QB with his hand on the ground than standing up. He showcased the ability to turn the corner from a three-point stance on one occasion. But, on his next opportunity he got upright and lacked much suddenness on his counter when trying to create pressure as a stand up guy. He's a talented kid with a "plus" motor, but it will be interesting to see how he develops rushing the passer from a two point stance as the week goes on.

As for how these practices will affect each player's draft stock heading into the 2012 NFL Draft remains to be seen, but no doubt scouts from all over the league are coming away with little nuggets that will help them make tough decisions when the draft rolls around in April.

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