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Las Vegas Bowl 2011: Arizona State Vs. Boise State A Middle Of The Pack Game In SB Nation Bowl Rankings

As the BSC picture began to take shape, it had to occur to more than one Boise State fan that this really should have been the Broncos' year. Everything this side of Baton Rouge crumbled to pieces in college football this season, and that included Boise during a last-second loss to TCU. Had Boise won that game, there's a very good chance the world would have gotten its wish and seen the Broncos play LSU in the BCS Title Game. Instead, Boise heads out to Las Vegas (hey, not a bad consolation prize...) for a date with Arizona State at the MAACO Bowl.

Over at the mothership, EDSBS' Spencer Hall ranked every bowl game based on watchability. He put the MAACO Bowl in the middle of the pack:

15. MAACO Bowl Las Vegas: Arizona State vs. Boise State.  I will not say this will be a well-executed game, but it will have its elements. Kellen Moore will be throwing against a wildly aggressive but error prone ASU defense. ASU's wildly aggressive but error-prone offense will be clawing out yardage against a Boise defense that was eviscerated by TCU's passing game. We'll all be reminded how tall Brock Osweiler is, and it will conclude with Dennis Erickson's failed moped robbery of the Bellagio. Lots of glorious misfiring all over the place, really, and a reminder that sometimes spectacle can win out in your heart over execution.

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