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2012 NFL Draft: Kellen Moore Looking To Prove His NFL Doubters Wrong

This NFL quarterback had questions about his size before being drafted, eventually being selected with the fist pick of the second round in the NFL Draft. He played in a wide open offense, threw 88 touchdowns to 45 interceptions and finished wit ha 132.4 quarterback rating. This player is Drew Brees, the new single-season passing yards leader.

Why bring up Drew Brees? Kellen Moore is this year's quarterback who was insanely productive in college, but limited in his potential, draft evaluators say right now, because he barely reaches six-feet tall. Sports Illustrated's Stewart Mandel is not buying the height issue for Moore when it comes to the draft. Mandel makes the comparison to Brees, noting that Moore has been even more productive than Brees in college, but that he is knocked down on draft boards because of height and ill-defined notions of arm strength.

While no one is saying Moore is the next Brees, Mandel certainly isn't, there are still four months for the Boise St. quarterback to change the minds of NFL talent evaluators, teams and TV talking heads alike. As Stewart notes toward the end of the discussion:

As we've seen with Tim Tebow, it only takes one team seeing what the rest of us have been watching the past four years to decide to make an investment.

Let's see Moore work his way into a Day 2 draft pick.

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