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College Football Rankings, Week 13: SEC Dominates AP Poll, Too

The USA Today's most recent set of college rankings is dominated by the SEC, and the AP's rankings are no different. LSU, Alabama and Arkansas are once again ranked as the top three teams in the nation, although things get shook up a bit from there.

Oklahoma State still clocks in at No. 5, but otherwise you'll notice a few differences between the USA Today and AP polls. Boise State bumps up to No. 7, in front of Houston. Virginia Tech and Stanford are also swapped, with the Cardinal coming in at No. 4 and the Hokies at No. 6.

But the biggest difference between the two polls derives from the USC Trojans. In the USA Today, coaches aren't allowed to place votes for the Trojans due to their recent NCAA violations, but the AP poll doesn't have the same rule. So while the Trojans are absent from USA Today's poll, the AP voters can't ignore their victory over Oregon last night, and have USC ranked No. 10 in the nation. That pushes down all of the teams below them, including Oklahoma, which is ranked No. 12 in the AP poll.

Here's the full AP Poll top 25 for Week 13:


2 Alabama

3 Arkansas

4 Stanford

5 Oklahoma State

6 Virginia Tech

7 Boise State

8 Houston

9 Oregon

10 USC

11 Michigan State

12 Oklahoma

13 Georgia

14 South Carolina

15 Wisconsin

16 Kansas State

17 Michigan

18 Clemson

19 TCU

20 Penn State

21 Baylor

22 Nebraska

23 Notre Dame

24 Virginia

25 Georgia Tech

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