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Week 13 BCS Projections: Boise State Should Move Up While Three SEC Teams Occupy Top Spots

The Week 13 BCS projections from Samuel Chi, the BCS Guru, are out and he's predicting an all-SEC BCS National Championship Game with the LSU Tigers as the No. 1 team and the Alabama Crimson Tide checking in again at the No. 2 slot. Get ready for another 9-6 game, right?

Not so fast, as Lee Corso likes to say (and not his rather colorful remark from Saturday). The Arkansas Razorbacks come in at No. 3 in these projections, and no conference can have more than two teams in the BCS. So that means Arkansas needs to defeat the Tigers next week in the regular season finale. If the Razorbacks pull off the victory that could mean LSU drops out of the national title picture.

The Oklahoma St. Cowboys may not be punished too much for its loss to the Iowa St. Cyclones on Friday, but a No. 4 ranking leaves them wanting. They'll still need to beat Oklahoma in two weeks to get the Big 12's automatic berth.

It appears the Stanford Cardinal will move back up and take the No. 5 spot after a close victory over the Cal Bears on Saturday night. The Virginia Tech Hokies, who face a showdown with Virginia to gain a spot in the ACC Championship Game, moves to No. 6, while fallen Oklahoma and Oregon move to Nos. 7 and 8.

The Boise St. Broncos aren't all that well rewarded in this projection. They move up just one spot to No. 9 while the 11-0 Houston Cougars finally crack the top 10. Let's see how this all plays out on Sunday night.

Here are his top 15 projections:

Projected BCS Standings: 1. LSU, 2. Alabama, 3. Arkansas, 4. Oklahoma State, 5. Stanford, 6. Virginia Tech, 7. Oklahoma, 8. Oregon, 9. Boise State, 10. Houston, 11. South Carolina, 12. Kansas State, 13. Michigan State, 14. Georgia, 15. Michigan.

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