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BCS Projections, Week 13: LSU-Alabama Rematch Possible After Crazy College Football Weekend

The BCS is all in a jumble after multiple top 10 teams lost on Saturday night (and one on Friday). An LSU-Alabama rematch as the BCS National Championship Game might be in the cards.

The Week 13 BCS standings are going to have a major shakeup for a second week in a row. Last week it was the Stanford Cardinal and the Boise St. Broncos dropping in the standings following losses. This week more dominoes fell with the No. 2 Oklahoma St. Cowboys losing to the Iowa St. Cyclones and the No. 4 Oregon Ducks dropping a game to the USC Trojans on a missed field goal as time expired. Additionally, the No. 5 Oklahoma Sooners lost their first game ever to the Baylor Bears and the No. 7 Clemson Tigers were blown out by the N.C. State Wolfpack.

At this point, the LSU Tigers are still the No. 1 team while the Alabama Crimson Tide is expected to move back into the No. 2 slot. After that, the standings are going to be hard to predict. Oklahoma State now has one loss, which might allow them to stay inside the top five, but Oregon, Oklahoma and Clemson all have two losses.

Will that allow a one-loss Stanford and a one-loss Boise State to move up several spots. Could the top 10 looks like this:

PROJECTED: 1. LSU 2. Alabama 3. Arkansas 4. Oklahoma State 5. Virginia Tech 6. Stanford 7. Boise State. 8. Oregon 9. Oklahoma 10. Houston

If those turn out right, one might as well ask me who will win the national title game (hint: it won't be LSU or Alabama).

The latest BCS standings come out on Sunday at 6:00 p.m. MT. ESPN will have its usual coverage.

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