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Matt Duchene leaves Sweden for Switzerland

Colorado Avalanche centre Matt Duchene has been playing in Sweden during the NHL lockout, but is now headed to Switzerland, according to his Twitter account.


Colorado Avalanche centre Matt Duchene will soon have a new home during the NHL lockout. The centre reported via his Twitter account that he will be leaving Frolunda, of the Swedish league, for a spot on a team in Switzerland.

Avalanche fans, and U.S. hockey fans for that matter, probably wish Duchene was moving back to Colorado for the start of the NHL season, but instead he will go to Switzerland's Ambri-Piotta, which is predictably part of the Swiss league.

Duchene told the Denver Post that he would "fondly remember his time in Sweden," and would possibly return one day.

Duchene played in 58 games last season for Colorado, picking up 14 goals and 14 assists and spending just over 16 minutes on the ice per contest.

The Ambri-Piotta team he is about to join is just 9-18-0-1 through 30 games this season and could certainly use the help of the Colorado centre.