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Troy Calhoun wants Air Force to start a series with Colorado

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Air Force head coach Troy Calhoun was asked if the winner of this weekend's game against Colorado State was for the state championship. He replied no due to not playing Colorado.

Ethan Miller - Getty Images

Air Force Falcons head coach Troy Calhoun was asked about if this Saturday's game against the Colorado St. Rams was considered the state championship.

Calhoun does not believe that since the Falcons do not play the Colorado Buffaloes this year, and he went on to add by telling the Denver Post that he wants to get back to playing the Buffaloes:

"Air Force should play Colorado, even if it was every other year," Calhoun said. "You could have something like a governor's cup. A series like that would help our high school football around the state, and it would build some good, competitive fever for the fans."

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The two schools have not played since 1974, and even if this game was on a rotational basis it would benefit the state, and if this game was played it would decided which program is the best in the state in a given year.

However, the odds that Air Force would play Colorado every year are slim since the Buffaloes already play the Rams every year, and being in the Pad-12 they have only three total non-conference games to work with.

A solid compromise would be to try to play every other year, or even every three years.