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Navy vs. Air Force score update: Midshipmen take advantage of Falcons fumbles for halftime lead

Three straight drives were erased by fumbles for the Air Force Falcons, as the Navy Midshipmen have taken a 10-7 lead at halftime.

The Midshipmen cut the Falcons' lead to 7-3 on the first play of the second quarter. The Falcons' looked headed for another trip to the Midshipmen end zone when Broam Hart fumbled the ball at Navy's 24-yard line. The Midshipmen responded with a seven-play, 61-yard touchdown drive as running back Noah Copeland crossed the ball into the end zone to put the Midshipmen up 10-7.

Problems hanging on to the football continued for Air Force, this time with Ty MacArthur fumbling the ball away to the Midshipmen. After forcing Navy to punt, Falcons' running back Cody Getz also coughed up the ball, which the Midshipmen also recovered.

Navy was unable to capitalize on either of the final two fumbles and a Falcons Hail Mary as time expired came up short.