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Former AFA player Devin Durden dies following motorcycle crash

Former Air Force tight end Devin Durden died Thursday after injuries suffered in a motorcycle accident.

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Former Air Force tight end Devin Durden died on Thursday following injuries sustained in a motorcycle accident.

The accident, which took place in Georgia on Sept. 26, severed Durden's spine and the 21-year-old underwent surgery the following day in an attempt to stabilize it, according to a report by David Ramsey of the Colorado Springs Gazette.

After momentarily speaking and being taken off his ventilator on Sept. 30, Durden's condition took a turn for the worst on Tuesday. He died early Thursday morning.

From the Web site, a family member wrote:

"Devin fought incredibly hard, but in the end, the injuries he sustained were so numerous and complex that he just could not survive."

Durden was a starting member of last season's Air Force team before being removed from the team for unknown reasons this August, according to the article. The report also noted that he was at home after leaving the academy to enlist in active duty.