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Conference Realignment: Mountain West Offered Proportional Revenue Sharing To Boise State, According To CSU AD Jack Graham

While Boise St. Broncos athletic director Mark Coyle won't admit that he discussed staying in the Mountain West, more evidence continues to point that Coyle's just obfuscating everyone. New Colorado St. Rams athletic director Jack Graham recently said that the Mountain West offered to Boise State a proportional revenue sharing plan to stay in the league rather than the current equal-split plan. But that offer is now off the table, according to the Coloradoan:

"We also knew that in providing them with a set of terms that we were putting ourselves at risk that they would use our terms to get more favorable terms from the Big East or another conference," Graham said Tuesday evening. "So we made it clear it was a one-time offer, that they needed to understand that it was a one-time offer, and the Mountain West Conference is moving on."

As it looks right now, Boise State still sees more money coming in as a member of the Big East than staying in the Mountain West, even under the proportional revenue sharing plan. While Boise's successful football program would help the school bring in more money than other members of the Mountain West, the Big East's potential TV deal, whenever that comes out, could provide more.

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