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Conference Realignment: San Diego State Wants In On 'Revamped' Mountain West, According To Report

Conference realignment never ends -- and it might just wind up reverting back to old forms. According to the San Jose Mercury news' Jon Wilner, the San Diego St. Aztecs are talking with the Mountain West about "reserving" a spot in whatever new form the Mountain West emerges in:

This is all kinds of laughable since the Aztecs are currently a member of the Mountain West until July 1, 2013, when they officially move to the Big East. Maybe San Diego State doesn't feel all that comfortable in the long-term viability of the Big East, even though the Boise St. Broncos, also a member of the Mountain West for one more season, are heading over there next year, as well.

The Mountain West is currently discussing wit Conference USA what the two conferences will do together: new conference, alliance, blood sacrifice. OK, probably not a blood sacrifice, but the will they form a new conference or not thing keeps going back and forth with each new set of rumors.

There is no stability in any of these conference changes. That's about the only we know these days.

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