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Mountain West, Conference USA Merger Going Forward, According To Report

The Mountain West and Conference USA merger was unlikely to happen from a report released on Wednesday, but that may not be the case. Now, according to the Las Vegas Review-Journal, UNLV president Neal Smatresk is not sure where the report came from and that the merger is going forward:

This report came as news to Smatresk and was met with a bit of hand-wringing, because he was the one who said the merger was "done with 100 percent agreement with everyone involved" in February, and because he's also the one overseeing a new TV deal for a so-called superconference of 16 or 18 or 22 or 24 or maybe even a bazillion schools, if that would mean more money.

"I have no idea where that story came from," Smatresk said. "Somebody apparently has an agenda for leaking information that isn't so."

Smatresk is not only the president of UNLV he is the chairman of the Mountain West board of directors, and has a big hand in this process.

There should be more answers about this merger/alliance between the Mountain West and Conference USA in two weeks when the Mountain West has their annual spring meetings in Phoenix.

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