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Conference Realignment 2012: Merger 'Unlikely' For Conference USA, Mountain West

After announcing a merger a couple of months ago and then taking a step back from it, Conference USA and the Mountain West are now "unlikely" to go ahead with the merger, according to CBS Sports' Brett McMurphy. Or at least not right away:

"There is not much talk about a formal merger of the conferences into one conference entity in the near term, but that is still a future consideration," a source said.

This leaves us exactly where we've been for the last few weeks since a formal announcement on what the two conferences will do is not expected until June. Expansion is likely on the agenda for both conferences, as the San Jose St. Spartans and the Utah State Aggies are considered potential targets and could receive invites to the Mountain West soon.

Stay tuned, as always, since expansion rumors never end.

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