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Conference Realignment: Mountain West, Conference USA Not Ruling Out Any Option

The Conference USA and Mountain West have not ruled out any option in their negotiations to shape the college football landscape, reports Frank Schwab of the Colorado Springs Gazette. Reports on Monday claimed that the two leagues decided to stop dissolution of the two leagues to form one because of lost monies, but Schwab's report indicated otherwise:

[Tulane president Scott] Cowen declined to address the issues about exit fees and tournament revenue specifically, but said no options have been dismissed, including dissolving the conferences and forming a new league.

"We haven’t taken any options off the table," Cowen said.

However, the timetable for whatever plans emerge is expected to come in June (as previously speculated) or in July at the latest.

The Mount-USA Conference (or whatever it is eventually called) is set to involve 16 teams at its start, but as many as 24 teams could wind up in the mega-league.

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