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BIg East Expansion: Temple Could Move Back To Conference In 2012, According To Report

The Big East is still prowling for more members, and while it does have a healthy dose of new schools entering in 2013 and beyond, the conference is short West Virginia this season since that university left for the Big 12. Enter the Temple Owls as a possible all-sports member in 2012, reports the New York Times' Pete Thamel.

Temple had previously been a member of the Big East in football until 2004, kicked out due to persistent failure. Its basketball team plays in the Atlantic 10, but the move to the Big East would add a solid basketball program to an already strong conference. The Owls, in football, have also turned things around by winning at least eight games in each of the last three seasons (nine in 2009 and 2011).

This would likely indicate that the Big East and Boise State won't have an early marriage and will wait until the previously scheduled 2013 date, avoiding the Mountain West exit fee that would come with a 2012 departure.

Of course, this could be all for naught if the Temple accepts the Conference USA-Mountain West league invitation.

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