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Conference Realignment: San Jose State, Temple Reportedly On Target List For MWC-CUSA Expansion

The new league that the Mountain West and Conference USA will form in 2013 is set at 16 teams for now, but as few as two and as many as eight teams might join the league. When and which teams, though, is still unknown. However, there are school names leaking out and ones that are crying out into the wilderness to join the league, like Louisiana Tech. Add Temple and San Jose State to that list, reports the Salt Lake Tribune:

According to a source with knowledge of the situation, Utah State is in a pool of six to eight schools, along with institutions such as Temple, Florida International, San Jose State, and Louisiana Tech, that could be chosen to fill out the new conference’s roster.

This new conference can be termed a "super-conference," but that can only be used in a loose sense. There isn't a team in this conference that would be considered one of the big boys, and adding teams such as San Jose State and Temple don't add much except to the total number of teams.

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