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Conference Realignment: Louisiana Tech's AD Already Hoping For Future In MWC-CUSA League

The Conference USA-Mountain West Conference league that will emerge in 2013 is slated right now to have 15 teams (16 in football), but the larger hope is that it will expand to 18-24 teams eventually. One school that appears to be actively campaigning to join this new league is the Louisiana Tech Bulldogs. Athletic director Bruce Van De Velde sounds as though he is ready to seek leaving the WAC (via KTBS):

"There are so many advantages to this type of association as it relates to emphasizing traditional rivalries and ease of travel for fans and teams which is tremendous for television [...] It sounds like it will be a very successful conference and we look forward to hearing more about it as details emerge."

The Bulldogs have won two WAC championships, most recently in 2011, but this isn't a program that is able to produce a winning record year-in and year-out. However, the potential TV deal this new conference will work out with the networks would help increase the exposure of a team like the Bulldogs -- if they join.

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