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Utah State, Florida International Could Join New Mountain West-Conference USA League

The Mountain West and Conference USA announced each league would dissolve and form a new conference for the 2013-2014 school year earlier today, with a 15-team all-sports conference expanding to include Hawaii during the football season. We also heard news that the league could expand to 18-24 teams, and now we have a few rumors regarding those schools.

UTEP President Diana Natalicio shed light on which school will be considered earlier today.

Natalicio said the additional schools to comprise the 18-24-team conference have not been discussed but she said that Utah State (currently in the WAC) and Florida International (Sun Belt) have been discussed. UTEP Athletic Director also said that NMSU (WAC) is also on their list of possible candidates.

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UTEP football coach Mike Price is also happy about the move:

"We're right in the middle geographically, wall to wall, around the United States. It'll really help our name recognition and hopefully attract more students," Price said.

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