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Air Force Is Not Expected To Sell Out TCU Game

Air Force has the rare opportunity to host a ranked team in the No. 25 TCU Horned Frogs and as of just over 48 hours to kick off still has not sold out, and all indications point to the Falcons coming up short. Not only is TCU ranked 25th in the country they are the defending Mountain West and Rose Bowl champions, plus the last time TCU came to Falcon Stadium Air Force nearly pulled off the upset.


Currently there are approximately 36,000 tickets sold and the stadium holds 47,000 seats. Air Force typically sells a few thousand tickets from day of game sales, but even if there is an overly impressive walk-up crowd on Saturday Falcon Stadium most likely will still fall short by a few thousand of a sellout. Air Force did sell out two of their games last year when they hosted the Navy Midshipmen and the BYU Cougars.