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Mountain West Expansion: League Officials To Discuss Realignment

The Mountain West Conference doesn't want to be left in the cold while the other conferences discuss expansion.

While rumors float about the Air Force Falcons being a possible recruit to the faltering Big 12, the Mountain West Conference isn't sitting idly by while other conferences and schools play the chessboard and realign the college sports landscape.

According to Brian Murphy of the Idaho Statesman, the Mountain West will hold an executive board conference call on Tuesday to discuss conference expansion. This call had been on the books for some time, but it comes at an important time:

"It wasn't necessarily for this [realignment[. There's just so much innuendo and rumor and hearsay [...]. Until things happen, they don't happen. There's just so much out there. We're doing our diligence."

There are so many rumors out at this point. The Oklahoma Sooners appear ready to jump ship to the Pac-12 with the Oklahoma St. Cowboys, the Texas Longhorns and the Texas Tech Red Raiders also considering the possibility of making the conference the Pac-16.

If that happens, the Mountain West could swoop in an pick up the lower-tier teams left in the Big 12, namely the Baylor Bears, the Iowa St. Cyclones and the Kansas St. Wildcats. Those would hardly bring the conference up in prestige, but a conference championship game would come with their accession.

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