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Air Force Vs. Tennessee State: Falcons Routing The Tigers, 49-10

The Air Force Falcons came out big in the first half against Tennessee State with an offense scoring 42 points. The first quarter was fairly close as the Falcons led only 14-7 on two lengthy drives. The consisted of an eight play 64-yard drive that resulted in a Mike DeWitt four-yard touchdown run, and the second drive was a 10-play, 66 yard drive with Asher Clark finishing off the drive one a seven-yard touchdown run. 

The second quarter was where the Falcon offense came alive, as they scored 21 points on the arm of quarterback Tim Jefferson. The senior quarterback threw two touchdown passes in the second quarter for 34 yards, both to Mikel Hunter and Jonathan Wazreka.

The passing game came alive to compliment the running game, and midway through the third quarter Tim Jefferson is 11-of-13 for 187 yards and three touchdown passes. 

The running game has not suffered either as Asher Clark is leading the way with 148 yards so far. The Falcons have over 424 yards with 22 minutes left in the game.

Not to short change the Falcon defense, but they have shutdown the Tigers, who have gone 0-for-9 on third down conversions.