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Big East Is Attempting To Bring On Air Force As A Football-Only Member, According To Report

The Air Force Falcons are becoming quite the popular team within conference realignment, as there have been reports that the Big 12 has interest in Air Force, and yesterday it was reported that the Big East nearly added Air Force. Those plans fell apart when Syracuse and Pitt decided to leave for the ACC. Now the Big East is again attempting to add Air Force and Navy as football-only members, per the Newark Star-Ledger:

The Big East's first move to re-invent itself will be to try to add Navy and Air Force as football-playing members only -- with the hope Army will then join -- with Temple or Villanova as options as well, according to two college officials.

Both spoke on the condition of anonymity because negotiations have not formally started.


One college official said Air Force and Navy are on board with the idea of joining the Big East for football only...

Assuming Air Force is on board and does join the Big East they still will need a landing spot for their other sports, and before a decision is made it would make sense for them to have a plan in place. Two options that make sense would be to join the WAC or West Coast Conference as non-football members.

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