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Texas A&M Notifies Big 12 That It Will Leave; Air Force Rumors Could Pick Up Again

The Big 12 conference will be down to only nine members in July 2012 if a new team or two can't be found. Texas A&M finally informed the Big 12 on Wednesday that it will seek a new conference affiliation and leave on June 30, 2012, should that happen. This could start a whole new round of conference realignment.

The Air Force Falcons could be a possible target to join the Big 12, as rumors on that have already appeared. Air Force's athletic director, Hans Mueh, issued a statement shortly after those rumors cropped up and was non-committal on things. While he claimed the academy is satisfied with being a member of the Mountain West, Mueh still used that phrase "will continue to work towards what is best." The Big 12 would offer a bigger spotlight for Air Force, but there are still far too many variables before anything happens.

For now, sit back, relax and get ready for an exciting season of college football.