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Air Force's Depth Chart Is Taking Shape

The Air Force Falcons have just finished their second week of fall camp and with that the depth chart is becoming more clear. The biggest position that the Falcons needed to fill was their fullback position. The race to replace former Falcon Jared Tew is down between Wes Cobb and Mike DeWitt, but after Saturday's practice it is clear that Cobb is the starting fullback going forward.

Even though Cobb is the starter DeWitt is the backup, and head coach Troy Calhoun was vocal when he missed a block in Saturday's scrimmage and stressed depth is needed at all positions.

Other position battles are with the place kicker, opposite starting cornerback to Anthony Wright, Jr. and the backup running back position.

The place kicking position is between Parker Herrington and Erik Soderberg and Calhoun says there is no separation between the two. Herrington got the first kick in Saturday's scrimmage, but he did miss a 31-yard kick. Calhoun is hoping for one of the two to create some separation this week.

The other starting second cornerback spot is between Josh Hall and Steffon Batts. The two have not separated themselves between each other, also Wright missed a few practices so the two have not had significant time to play alongside Wright.

The other key spot in this offense is the backup running spot. Cody Getz and Darius Jones are in a dead heat for the backup running back spot. With the amount of times Air Force runs the ball in their offense the backup running back spot is key to the Falcons success.