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Air Force Is Considered An Option For Big 12 If They Expand, According To Sources

The Texas A&M to SEC rumors have heated up and it looks likely that the Aggies are going to the SEC. If they do make the move to the SEC there could be a trickle down effect for what the Big 12 will do if they wish to replace Texas A&M. The Big 12 is already looking at many teams to replace Texas A&M and possibly even Oklahoma who is looking at their options as well.

According to Austin American Statesman reporter Kirk Bohls, he is saying that multiple sources are saying that the early order of teams that the Big 12 is looking at are Notre Dame, BYU and Air Force.

These are very premature speculations because while it seems likely that Texas A&M is leaving the Big 12 and heading to the SEC, just remember that last year most everyone thought the Pac-10 was going to become the Pac-16 by adding the entire former Big 12 South division. 

Even though Air Force is being mentioned, Texas Athletic Director Deloss Dodds is saying that Texas and the other eight Big 12 teams are already looking at possible replacements if Texas A&M does leave. Dodds also said that the Big 12 could survive at nine teams, but the ideal situation would be to have 10 teams.