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Utah State Once Again Is Rumored To Join Mountain West

Expansion rumors never die. Last night, came out on Twitter and said that Utah State will officially join the Mountain West in 15 days. The main reason for inclusion is to give Boise State a travel partner. In addtiion, the Mountain West owes Utah State, according to the report, and they said their information came from a "high up source."

This would be the third rumor of Utah State joining the Mountain West and at one point Utah State even turned down an offer to join the Mountain West, because they wanted to stay loyal to the WAC. Then this past January the Mountain West Board of Directors met to decide if they wanted to add Utah State and San Jose State, but the league ultimately decided to not extend an offer to either team.

At this point this is only a rumor, but was in front of the news about Texas-Arlington joining the WAC a week before the announcement. This dance between Utah State and the Mountain West has gone on for so long that until league Commissioner Craig Thompson says Utah State is joining the MWC I am taking these rumors with a very large grain of salt. For the record, Craig Thompson has denied this, which he would have done anyways.