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Air Force Lost Money Participating In Tournament

The Air Force Falcons are no longer in the Tournament, but exiting in the second round isn't the only thing stinging them right now. The CIT is a pay-to-play tournament, so the Falcons put up the money, $31,500, to host a first-round game. They won their game against the North Dakota Fighting Sioux, but then went on the road to face Santa Clara. The Falcons season ended there with an 88-75 loss.


As Frank Schwab of the Colorado Springs Gazette reports, the Falcons, not having to pay for a second home game in the tournament, wound up losing $17,800 dollars on the one game. All told, the game took in $13,700. Based on quotes from associate athletics director, communications Troy Garnhart in the article, the academy always expected to lose money, but that they'll need to decide on a yearly basis whether to be involved in a pay-to-play tournament.  In other words, losing almost 18 grand on a yearly basis isn't worth it.