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Mountain West Conference Will Ask For BCS Exemption, According To Reports

The Mountain West Conference will ask the BCS for an automatic qualifier exemption for the next two years.

The Mountain West Conference will ask the BCS to grant the league an exemption and have automatic qualifying status for the next two seasons, according to Brian Murphy of the Idaho Statesman and Frank Schwab of the Colorado Springs Gazette. The conference believes it meets all of the thresholds to gain qualifying status, which deal with how well teams from the conference finish in the final regular season and postseason BCS standings.

While the Mountain West might have the credentials, the BCS will likely see a weakened conference that has lost BYU, Boise State, TCU and Utah in the past two years, which Schwab agrees with when asked on the chances of the exemption being provided.

Apparently, the Mountain West has also said there are "no decisions" on the merger with Conference USA, according to Schwab. Take that as one will.

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