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Kevin Sumlin To Texas A&M Aggies Still Strong Rumor, Shows Why Troy Calhoun Avoids Situation

Basically, those rumors about Troy Calhoun being interviewed for the Texas A&M Aggies head coaching position were dead on arrival. Within a matter of hours they were denied and Calhoun's allegiance to the Air Force Falcons was reaffirmed once again, having done so last year when the Colorado Buffaloes and the Denver Broncos were looking for head coaches.

However, one name that hasn't died down in the rumor mill has been Houston Cougars head coach Kevin Sumlin. He's been the odds-on favorite for the position since Mike Sherman was fired a couple of weeks ago. There have been multiple reports about Sumlin being named the coach, and yet they have not yet come to pass. And on Saturday it seems closer than ever that Sumlin is supposed to be named the coach at any time.

I guess this is why Calhoun likes to take his name out of the running early on. He doesn't have to deal with universities making end-arounds to see if they can get a high-profile name, like the Aggies supposedly tried with Georgia Bulldogs head coach Mark Richt.

Instead of being a huge distraction for the Falcons, Calhoun can get his players ready for their bowl game on Dec. 28 against the Toledo Rockets (who lost coach Tim Beckman to the Illinois Fighting Illini on Friday) in the 2011 Military Bowl.