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Boise State President Bob Kustra Given Power To Accept Big East Invite

Boise State University President Bob Kustra received the power to accept an invitation from the Big East when the Idaho State Board of Education voted 7-1 in favor of granting that power, reports Brian Murphy of the Idaho Statesman. Kustra expects that a decision could come by next week.

Boise State would enter the league as part of a West Division in the Big East. Air Force, should it receive an accept an invitation to the Big East, would be Boise State's Western partner, as the other teams in the West under the current iteration are Houston, SMU, Louisville and Cincinnati. However, BYU is reportedly a target to join the Big East West Division and San Diego State has indicated it would be open to such a move.

If Air Force and San Diego State jump to the Big East with Boise State, the Mountain West will lose its top three football teams in the conference.

Boise State is expected to reach an agreement in a few days with another league to house its non-football sports.

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