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2011 Bowl Predictions: Fiesta Bowl Could Feature Oklahoma State Vs. Stanford

The Stanford Cardinal will go to a BCS bowl outside of the National Championship Game and the Rose Bowl as long as they stay in or above the No. 4 spot in next week's final rankings. That guarantees the school an automatic BCS bid, but there's nothing that could move Stanford into the top two of the BCS standings. And since the school is not the Pac-12 North's representative in the conference championship game (Oregon is), the Rose Bowl is out of the question.

Samuel Chi, the BCS Guru, predicts that Stanford will face the Oklahoma St. Cowboys in the Fiesta Bowl. That matchup depends on the Cowboys downing the Oklahoma Sooners on Saturday, a very likely possibility. A contest between quarterbacks Andrew Luck and Brandon Weeden would certainly prove to be an entertaining watching experience.

The Colorado Buffaloes are certainly familiar with both those teams. The Buffs lost to Stanford this season in their first season as part of the Pac-12. When they were part of the Big 12, Colorado went 4-4 against the Cowboys.

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