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2011 Bowl Projections: Boise State Winds Up In BCS National Title Game How?

Sure, it's a real long shot for the Boise St. Broncos to make it to the CBS National Title game, but don't count it out. Over at, Andy Hutchins breaks down  possible BCS Bowl projections and saves the Boise State one for last (because, it's the best, right?). Howe does it happen?

This weekend the Broncos would first need to defeat Wyoming and then send New Mexico to another loss. That's the simple part. Arkansas needs to lose to LSU on Friday, as does Alabama to Auburn on Saturday. That would set up an LSU-Georgia Championship Game, which LSU needs to lose by a wide margin. But those aren't the only losses that need to happen.

Here are the others, according to Hutchins:

Virginia Tech to Virginia; Oklahoma State to Oklahoma; Oklahoma to Iowa State; Stanford to Notre Dame and/or Pac-12 South team in Pac-12 Championship Game; Houston to Tulsa; Oregon to Oregon State.

That's a mighty tall order, and one that shouldn't causes individuals to hold their breath for over the next two weeks.

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