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Conference Realignment Rumors: Boise State Uneasy About Big East's Future, According To Report

While the Boise St. Broncos appear ready to make the jump to the Big East, that may not be quite the reality of things. While university president Bob Kustra has the power to accept an invitation to the conference, Boise State might still be questioning the future of the conference, reports Jon Wilner of the San Jose Mercury News. This comes from recent phone calls he made, so how accurate anything he was told remains to be seen.

Wilner also indicates that there are athletic directors who believe Rutgers and UConn will jump ship to join the ACC, just like Pittsburgh and Syracuse did a couple of months ago. That would, the belief is, end the Big East.

At this point, it seems pretty much anything is possible with the Big East. If negotiations had not turned sour between the Big East and BYU, things might be different.

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