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Big East Likely To Turn To San Diego State If BYU Negotiations Fail, According To Report

While the BYU Cougars appear to be the first choice for the Big East in its expansion plans, negotiations have hit a stand still. While the two sides are still negotiating, the Big East does appear to ready to jump to its next choice, the San Diego St. Aztecs, reports Dick Harmon of the Deseret News.

The Aztecs have pretty much been popularly viewed as a choice to be laughed at. Not because it's a poor program -- it's a pretty good one -- but because it's out on the West Coast, stretching what "East" really means. San Diego State did send a packet of information to the Big 12 a couple of months ago, expressing interest in joining the conference before TCU and West Virginia were added.

When the Big East finishes its expansion agenda, it is expected to have a West Division that is made up of teams from Conference USA and the Mountain West.

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