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BYU Holding Up Big East Expansion, Frustrating Schools, According To Report

Conference realignment in college football has slowed down enormously over the last month, but the Big East certainly wants to expand. It's just a matter of how long it takes the conference to do it. There are conflicting reports over why the BYU Cougars have not been invited to the Big East yet. Either BYU has offered conditions to the Big East that have proven to be unacceptable or BYU has rejected a proposal from the Big East, reports Dick Harmon of the Deseret News. The Salt Lake Tribune also reported on this bump in the negotiations.

Harmon reports (via a Conference USA source) that BYU wanted to control the television right for its home games and to be able to leave the Big East with relative ease should automatic qualifying status be lost or eliminated. This was, again, reportedly, a no-go for the Big East. However, another report that Harmon cites claims BYU and the Big East had a deal in place, but it was rejected. The two sides are still negotiating, either way it seems.

This has apparently frustrated several Conference USA teams and potentially Boise State, which is thinking about moving to the Big East. This sounds a bit like Texas' TV rights issues back when they were flirting with the Pac-12. The Air Force Falcons, meanwhile, are considered a possibility to join the conference, but that is far from certain.

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