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2011 BCS Bowl Game Projections: Boise State Vs. Oklahoma in Fiesta Bowl

Boise State's overtime win over the Oklahoma Sooners in the 2007 Fiesta Bowl is both one of the enduring games of the BCS era and the game that arguably cemented the Broncos as a major, national player in college football. The game famously featured Boise State relinquishing a long held lead on a pick six late in the fourth quarter, before coming back and winning in overtime thanks to a hook and lateral and the Statue of Liberty play. Oh, and Boise's star running back proposed to a cheerleader on the sideline after the game. So, how's a rematch sound?

That's the question posed by SB Nation's Bill Connelly, who, in his recent bowl projections, pegs the Broncos to take on the Big 12 champion Sooners in the Fiesta Bowl. While Broncos fans would once again be bitterly disappointed over the team not getting a shot at the national title, there are worse consolation prizes than the chance to relive that epic 2007 victory.

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