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College Football Rankings Week 10: Boise State Looks To Make Ground After Stanford Needs Triple-Overtime To Defeat USC

Will voters punish the Stanford Cardinal for needing three overtime periods to defeat USC?

After the Stanford Cardinals' triple overtime victory over the USC Trojans on Saturday night, will the voters in the AP, Coaches and Harris polls decide to knock Stanford down a bit in the polls or will they have the Cardinal widen its lead over the idle Boise St. Broncos?

Stanford currently sits No. 6 in the BCS standings because the computer rankings aren't all that favorable to them, but they are Nos. 3 and 4 in the Coaches Poll and the Harris Poll. They won't be receiving much help in the polls this week since LSU, Alabama and Oklahoma State are still undefeated. Maybe the computer will change their calculations and shoot them up this week, but let's see if the poll voters want to take anything away fro Stanford for needing three overtime sessions to defeat the Trojans.

However it turns out, Boise State will still be a top five team coming out of its bye week.

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