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Air Force's Troy Calhoun Releases His Week 6 Coaches Poll Ballot

Air Force head coach Troy Calhoun is one of the voters in the USA Today coaches poll and he has shared his recent ballot with the Colorado Springs Gazette. At the top of his ballot it is pretty consistent with USA Today's Coaches Poll, however the bottom of his ballot is a bit different from the rest of the poll. However at the bottom of the poll there are numerous teams that could be placed within the bottom five -- or even 10 -- of any voters poll.

The big surprise is that he has the Notre Dame Fighting Irish at No. 19, which gives them seven points. The Irish earned 13 points overall in the poll, so Calhoun has them rated the highest out of any coach in the poll. It could be that he is overvaluing Notre Dame since that is who Air Force faces next week. This could make a potential win seem better by having Notre Dame ranked in his poll.

Outside of the Notre Dame selection, only Nebraska and Auburn are ranked differently when compared to the rest of the coaches poll. Calhoun has Nebraska much lower and Auburn much  higher.

Here is Calhoun's top-25:

1 Alabama

2 Oklahoma


4 Boise State

5 Wisconsin

6 Stanford

7 Clemson

8 Oklahoma State

9 Oregon

10 Michigan

11 Florida

12 Arkansas

13 Virginia Tech

14 Auburn

15 South Carolina

16 Georgia Tech

17 Illinois

18 Texas

19 Notre Dame

20 Michigan State

21 Kansas State

22 Nebraska

23 West Virginia

24 Florida State

25 Arizona State