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Conference Realignment: Big East, Air Force Meet To Discuss Relocation

Reports of the Big East demise as a result of conference realignment 2011 have been grossly exaggerated--or just become dormant. On Wednesday, Big East officials met with members of the Air Force Academy to discuss relocating its football program there, reports Frank Schwab of the Colorado Springs Gazette. No decisions were made and no invitation was extended to the school.

With West Virginia's departure from the Big East to the Big 12 put on hold for the time being, the Big East is attempting to keep itself alive. Air Force and Boise State have been two of the top targets by the Big East for expansion for several weeks, but neither has wanted to commit to anything since the long-term viability of the conference is very much in doubt. The Big East could be in danger of losing its BCS automatic qualifier even if it picks up the two Mountain West schools.

Additionally, as Schwab points out, Air Force is one way or another likely to move its Olympic sports to another conference in order to make them competitive. But for now, Air Force remains in the Mountain West and the eventual super league that will be formed with Conference USA.

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