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Conference Realignment: 32-Team Football League Between C-USA, MWC, Big East Arises Amidst Conflicting Reports

When conference realignment could not get any more crazy there is something that tops it all. Last week it was the Mountain West and Conference USA merging, but now there is a report from that says that a 32-team football-only league could be formed with the Mountain West, Conference USA, Big East and a few MAC and WAC schools.

The idea behind this plan is so that the Big East can retain access to the BCS and also give access to these non-BCS schools to give them a chance to earn a BCS bid without having to undefeated. However, there is no plan on scheduling or if there is going to be a four-team playoff to earn the one BCS bid.

Here is the divisional format proposed:

West Mountain Central Big East
Boise State Air Force Marshall Louisville
Hawaii Colorado State Memphis UConn
UNLV Wyoming Southern Miss Rutgers
Nevada New Mexico  Tulane Cincinnati
Fresno State UTEP UAB South Florida
San Diego State SMU Rice Central Florida
Utah State Tulsa Temple East Carolina
San Jose State Houston Louisiana Tech Navy

One notable team missing is West Virginia and by going by what happened yesterday with Missouri officially looking for a new league. It seems that the Big East realizes that West Virginia is not long for the Big East and most likely heading to form a 10-team Big 12. That is where this latest merger is being discussed, because the Big East realizes that their BCS berth is slipping away right through their fingers.

However, Pete Thamel of the New York Times reports that the Big East wants to move to 12 teams and hasn't even seen this proposed 32-team league idea yet.