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Boise State Coach Chris Petersen Asks Fans To Cheer Air Force Falcons Before Game

When an opposing team visits the Boise St. Broncos there are two things to expect: a loss and receiving boos while coming out of the tunnel before the game. But on Saturday, the Air Force Falcons will have their first ever visit to Broncos Stadium. Broncos coach Chris Petersen wants his school's fans to pay their respects to the cadets (via Brian Murphy of the Idaho Statesman on Twitter):

Chris Petersen has a request for BoiseSt fans: When Air Force comes into our stadium, we need to applaud those guys. No booing whatsoever. "We need to salute them and we need to applaud them," [he said].

Does Petersen have enough sway with the fans to change what must now be an in-born characteristic for the student body? Winning might be enough to do that, and the future leaders of our Air Force certainly do deserve a round of respect for all that they will do in the years ahead.