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Air Force Is Taking A Wait And See Approach About Joining Big East

The Air Force Falcons were thought to be waiting for the Big East to raise their exit fee from $5 million to $10 million and then join the league as a football-only. Well the Falcons are not in much a hurry to make a decision about future conference affiliation.

The New York Times Pete Thammel caught up with Air Force athletic director Hans Mueh:

Air Force in no rush. AD Hans Mueh just told me, "There's not real impetus to do anything but sit back and watch."

This is not entirely out of the blue as Mueh has already said that he would rather have Air Force join the Big East in 2013 in order to avoid paying the $5 million exit fee for leaving the Mountain West for another league after the June 30 deadline.

Also, it seems that teams are now back to waiting to see what the Missouri Tigers will be doing, because there are reports also from Thammel that reported that it is "inevitable and imminent" that the Tigers will be heading to the SEC.