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Conference Realignment: San Diego State Seeks Invite To Big 12

If some conference realignment notes and rumors have struck many as odd, the latest one involving the San Diego St. Aztecs might fit right in there. While Air Force is looking more and more likely to move over to the Big East for football, fellow Mountain West Conference member San Diego State is looking to join the Big 12, expanding the conference out west, according to the San Diego Union-Tribune.

At this point, athletic director Jim Sterk has done nothing more than pass along a package of information to the conference, including interim commissioner Chuck Neinas. The league has told Sterk that it would prefer to stay in the Midwest and the East, but that the information would be taken seriously.

The potential benefits for San Diego State and the Big 12 include the San Diego TV market and the range of every school's recruiting. The Texas schools would have a better connection to recruit in California and the Aztecs could reach into Texas.

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