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Late Interception Seals Independence Bowl Win For Air Force

Air Force began the last drive of the game with the ball on their own nine-yard line and with 10:57 by leading Georgia Tech 14-7. The Falcons then methodically drove the ball down the field and along the way converted a key fourth down to keep the ball with a Tim Jefferson quarterback sneak. The Falcon offense stalled at the 20-yard line in what was to be the go ahead field goal but the attempt by Zack Bell was wide left.

Georgia Tech then had one last chance to and had the ball with 1:48 at its own 20 and quarterback Tevin Washington moved Tech down the field by throwing and passing the ball. Tech moved the ball all the way down to inside the Air Force 30-yard line, but had no timeouts and had to start passing the ball. This is where Tech was wishing they had top receiver Stephen Hill who was out for failing to meet academic requirements. 

Tech quarterback Tevin Washington threw a deep pass in the end zone which to what he thought was an open receiver, but Air Force defensive back Jon Davis came out of nowhere to pick off that pass to seal the victory for Air Force. This was Davis' third interception on the year and is the often overlooked defensive back for Air Force after All-American Reggie Rembert and then Anthony Wright, Jr.

This game was a very competitive game, but it was a sloppy game on both sides. Air Force seemed to go for it on fourth down and came up short more often than not. The Falcons ended up going two-for-five on fourth down attempts and then on third down they were only 6 of 18. Air Force gave up many chances by not converting on third down and then going for it on fourth down which the Falcons rarely converted.

Georgia Tech also had their chances, but they turned the ball over four times, two were muffed punts. The turnover that cost them the game was the fumbled punt late in the third quarter which gave Air Force the ball deep in Georgia Tech territory. Air Force went on to score the go ahead score by running back Jared Tew and then the Falcons completed the two-point conversion to be up seven points.

While winning the game was the priority for Air Force, but during the game their live falcon mascot went missing for most of the second half, plus the falcon never did its pregame ritual of flying into the stadium. The falcon was eventually found and safely returned after being found on the top of a building nearby the stadium.