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Independence Bowl, Air Forve Vs. Georgia Tech: Air Force Leads 14-7

The third quarter resulted in no points and missed opportunities by Air Force who failed to take advantage of three Georgia Tech turnovers. Tech's only sign of offense in the quarter was the opening drive where they marched 75 yards down the field and took up over half of the third quarter, but then quarterback Tevan Washington fumbled the ball in the redzone. That was the only sign of offense that Georgia Tech would have in the third quarter.

The Georgia Tech defense did do a very good job of stifling the Falcon offense by forcing them on a three-and-out three times in the third quarter. The two fumbled punts are what did in Georgia Tech in the third quarter, because the last one which was at the end of a quarter gave Air Force the ball in the redzone.

It took Air Force only four plays and 14 yards to score the go ahead score. The touchdown was scored by Jared Tew who is in his first action since breaking his leg back in October. Air Force then went for two and was converted by Jonathan Warzeka to give Air Force a 14-7 lead.