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Independence Bowl, Air Force Vs. Georgia Tech: A Family Affair

Rod and Angel Jones could not have been more excited when it was announced that Georgia Tech would be playing Air Force in the Independence Bowl. The two are proud parents of Georgia Tech running back Roddy Jones and Air Force Darious Jones who is also a running back.

Roddy is a redshirt junior and on the year piled up 336 yards rushing, four scores and averaged 6.72 yards per carry, while his younger brother who is a sophomore and has seen limited action this year and has had eight carries but is averaging over nine yards per touch.

So what are two parents suppose to do with two of their children who are playing against each other. The easy answer is to get a split jersey with one side for Air Force and one side for Georgia Tech. During the game they will spend the first half in the Air Force section and the second half with the Georgia Tech contingency.


Regardless of this outcome, these two parents will be at a game they will cherish for a long time.