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Independence Bowl, Air Force Vs. Georgia Tech: Speculation That Joshua Nesbitt Will Now Play For Georgia Tech

For the past three weeks the status surrounding Georgia Tech quarterback Joshua Nesbitt has been that he is very unlikely to play.  Air Force head coach Troy Calhoun is saying that he believes there is a strong possibility that Nesbitt will play in today's game. Georgia Tech head coach Paul Johnson has said little on Nesbitt's status since they arrived to Shreveport for bowl practices:

"He's out," but he never officially closed the book. "He's probably not going to play," he said, changing from a definitive answer to one with a loophole. "That'd be a real reach, I think."

This could just be coaching gamesmanship and is trying for a mental edge against Air Force who may not have prepared for Nesbitt as much since he has been said to be likely out of the bowl game. Johnson has closed all the bowl practices to the media -- perhaps to see what Nesbitt could do -- so perhaps there could be a sighting of Nesbitt this afternoon.