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Independence Bowl, Air Force Vs. Georgia Tech: Game Odds

A few weeks ago when the odds came out for the bowl games Air Force was a 2.5 favorite over Georgia Tech. Now the game has seen a very slight change in the point spread to favor Air Force now by a full field goal over the Ramblin' Wreck. The point spread only being three is somewhat surprising since Georgia Tech just announced that seven players are suspended for Monday's game; three are out for a half and four are out the entire game. 

The over/under is at 56 which might be a little bit low since the combined points per game both Air Force and Georgia Tech per game is 60 points. Out of those suspensions six of the seven play defense with five that either start or are on Georgia Tech's two deep.

The likely return of  return Jared Tew for Air Force will cause more problems for the Tech defense, but at least on the Georgia Tech side they are certain that quarterback Tevin Washington will be playing over Joshua Nesbitt who is still recovering from a broken arm, and most certainly would be rusty by not playing any football during the past six weeks.

The game should still be close even with Air Force most likely getting Jared Tew back and Georgia Tech missing seven players for all or part of the game. Tech did not lose any of their key offensive players and this game will come down to who's offense performs the best.