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College Football Rankings, Week 14: Harris Interactive Poll Experiences Shake-Up

The latest Harris Interactive Poll experienced its own re-ordering in the top 25. Oregon and Auburn remain in the top two positions, but TCU moved to No. 3 after Boise State lost. The Broncos dropped to No. 10. Wisconsin, Stanford, Ohio State, Michigan Sate, Arkansas and Oklahoma fill in the other spots.

LSU, who lost to Arkansas, dropped to No. 11. Nevada improved four spots to No. 15 following its victory over Boise State. Alabama played Auburn close, but eventually fell, 28-27. The Crimson Tide is now ranked No. 18.

West Virginia and Northern Illinois entered the Harris Poll at 23rd and 24th. Mountain West conference teams Air Force (3 votes) and San Diego State (7 votes) made appearances with other teams just outside the top 25.

The Harris Poll counts for one-third in determining the latest BCS standings. In under four hours, the latest BCS rankings will be released. While there should be no surprises in the top two sports, several changes are expected.